On January 26, 2024, the owners of Nordic Tank Oy, Finland’s leading manufacturer of tank trailers and superstructures, have sold the company’s entire stock to the newly established company Tank
Admin Oy, whose majority of shares and votes are held by Nordic Tank Oy’s executive management. In addition to key personnel, external investors will support the company’s development in the future. In the same context, M.Sc. Henri Mattila, who was the company’s acting CEO, has been appointed as the company’s CEO.

Henri Mattila:
After working in responsible positions at Nordic Tank Oy for seven years, it feels exciting to start in a broader role in a reputable company. With the new ownership base, Nordic Tank will be able to ensure the company’s development in the changing and international market and continue as a supplier of well-known, high-quality, and customer-tailored products. We would like to thank the departing owners for their contribution to the company over the years.

Previous main owner, Mr. Eero Koskelainen:
After 2016, since I have been the principal owner, Nordic Tank Oy has been purposefully developed towards Finland’s leading operator in the field. However, now is the time to step aside and give the new owners the opportunity to implement the plans in a new, broader role, which will make the company even better than before. The new CEO, Henri Mattila, and the workshop manager, Kim Ruokoj√§rvi, will form a new driving force for the company in the future, and I am sure that under this direction, operations will develop in an even better direction.

Nordic Tank Oy

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