Nordic Tank Oy

Nordic Tank Oy – Nordic quality

Located in Oulu, Nordic Tank Oy is a high-tech company operating in the traditional industry of manufacturing engineering in an area, where development has long been focused on ICT. The company’s products are clear-cut, high-quality products, which are highly valued both in Finland and Europe.

Nordic Tank provides solutions for storage and transportation tank-related needs. We manufacture tanks from both stainless and acid-proof steel for transport, storage and industrial processes and supply all the necessary ancillary equipment. We also offer workshop services and special products according to our customers’ requirements. Our services include product lifecycle services, including major modifications and aftermarket services.

Nordic Tank’s headquarters are located in Oritkari in Oulu, close to excellent logistical connections. There is a direct connection to road transport without any height restrictions. The harbor, the railway and the airport are also very close to the factory. Sales representation and repair services for Nordic Tank products are also available in Sweden.

In terms of transportation equipment, our main market areas are the Nordic countries and the Baltic countries, but in the near future Nordic Tank will strive to expand its market area. For storage and industrial tanks and other workshop products, the market area is global.

Our company employs 35 people directly and more indirectly through its partner network of local and international companies.. Our dedicated and committed staff work together to ensure that the customer is satisfied with the products they order. The cornerstone of our business is the high-quality products and the uncompromising attitude to realize even the most demanding solutions. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

In a year back to the position of Finland’s leading manufacturer of tank trailers and truck tanks

The Oulu unit of Nordic Tank received a new lease of life in November 2016 when it looked like the  long and strong manufacturing expertise of the Oulu factory was in danger of being lost.

The company’s operational management, together with industrial influencer Eero Koskelainen from Oulu and the new Managing Director, Satu Heikkilä, bought the business to continue the design and manufacture of chemical and foodstuff tanks for road transport in the same well-known premises.

The goal was set first to return to being Finland’s and then Scandinavia’s largest truck tank, trailer and super structure supplier and maintain customer trust as a high-quality and reliable partner for service. The first step was achieved: the company became one of Finland’s leading manufacturers of truck tanks and trailers in its own product segment. Other new workshop products were also manufactured with great success.

The goal is to continue delivering the same superior products to customers – tanks with accessories that will not let you down even in the harshest northern conditions.